Confinement Month

After discharging from the hospital, I went back to my parent place for my confinement. It was definitely a right choice as I was taken care not only by the confinement lady but also my family..

Upon reaching home, the confinement lady (CL) greeted us at the door and immediately carry the baby up seeing him. I must say that I’m fortunate to have a good CL after hearing so many scary stories of CL. My CL is experience in taking care premmie thus she can handle him well. Under her care, Ethan grow well and I have a good resting month.


Also not forget to mention that she can cook very well too.. The menu changes all the time.. so I wouldn’t be terrified of those confinement food..

The daily routine during the confinement month was… eat, sleep, play with Ethan, express milk, and repeat itself.. NO bath or hairwash until the 3rd week as mum insisted. She is very particular on this and I think this would be the longest time in my life without washing my hair…ewwwww…




Antenatal class

Being one whom always worry that my preparation is not good enough.. I decided that I needed to attend a antenatal class. I dragged William to go with me to also prep him and let him hear from those experts…;p…

The class basically run through the program as advertised..Image

It was a full day course and I learnt a few do’s and don’ts which I hope would be useful during the arrival of my little one

Happy New Year 2014

The chapter for 2013 has closed with fireworks, laughter, surrounded by friends and loves..

Looking back to 2013, so much had happened. The happiness in it will forever be remembered..Image

January- went honeymoon with Will and it was a very memorable trip for us. We had lots of yummy food, done lots of shopping and experience snow together

February – celebrated the first CNY as Wong’s family member. The feeling cannot be put in words but I miss celebrating with my family..


March – visited New Caledonia for work, a country which barely anyone know it’s existence. It was a French speaking country and despite the language barrier, I did enjoy the experience staying at a site camp..

In the same month, we also bought a house where we intend to move in when it is ready..This is our first biggest commitment as a family and we are excited just thinking about moving there.

Apr and May – busy training for the first ever marathon (only a 10km run) that I’m doing in my life. I’m not a running person but Will specially bought me a pair of new shoes just to encourage me ..


Jun – RUN for the marathon. Despite the lack of training, I was proud to complete my 10km in less than an hour. Finally I can say that I’ve done it!


July – Had a long awaited Karaoke Session with all my buddies.. from the photo it clearly shows that the alcohol made us very merry..

2013-07-29 21.15.59

Also a birthday celebration for Will at Ciao.. which is now our official favourite restaurant..

August – The joyous moment this year whereby I found out that I was pregnant! Will was overseas when I broke the news to him. Immediately when he returned, we went to the gynae to confirm.

September – Even though it was my niece and my birthday month but when I received the news whereby my cousin brother had passed away in a car accident in Thailand, I can’t help but feeling very sad and grief. He was my childhood buddy where we used to hang out alot in grandma’s house. He will always be remembered in our heart..

October – I did lots of online shopping for my maternity clothes. I was obsessed whereby I received the parcel almost everyweek in the office until the postman recognized me and barge straight to me when he reached the office. Shopping ~ bliss~


November – Family trip to Cameron Highland.  A short but great trip to relax as well as celebrated dad’s birthday. In addition, we also celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary.

2013-12-15 19.50.27

December – Lots of dinners with family to end the year.

Is the start of 2014 and I shall wish everyone good health, success in their career and happy always ~

1st Year Wedding Anniversary

I can’t believe that time past in a blink of an eye.. is already 1 year since our wedding. I was thinking of how to celebrate but at the end it clashed with our family getaway.

On the following weekend, William decided to take me to Ciao to dine.

2013-11-23 21.41.19

2013-11-23 22.03.23

2013-11-23 22.17.24

We both love the place for its ambiance and food.

My favorite dish of the day, the dessert which I have no idea what the name is..
2013-11-23 22.36.35

2013-11-23 22.37.55

It was a simple yet satisfactory night.


After the hectic wedding, we took off to awanmulan which i pre-booked before our wedding. The place was amazing and you wouldn’t believe there is such heaven of relaxation which is less than 2 hours away from KL. Apart from the scenery, i was also excited whereby the place is dog friendly. It was the first time, we as a family of three (william, me and turbo) travelled together 🙂

We love our upgraded room complimentary from the owner who knows that this is our first ‘honeymoon’ destination.

The room is equipped with a kitchen and 2 sofa beds.

The green scenery from our room

The pool with nature surrounding

My boys with the friendly owner..

The place is surrounded by lots of green which makes you forget how busy the city life is.. We had great time hanging out there… Recommended for group of friends and couple who would like so quiet time.. For more info, you can visit their website

Anyeonghaseyo… Korea here I come

After so much dosage on Korea drama and runningman.. Going to Korea was much anticipated. As it was the winter season, we have to pack huge luggages to fit our winter clothing as weather forecast was about -5 degree…. Shiver **



After the night flight.. We reached incheon airport and start feeling the chill ~~


Our first stop was the observatory deck at the south Korea overseeing north Korea. The weather was so bad that we see nothing.. Lol…All we see is the model unit


Our itinerary brought us to the airport to our next destination..jeju island..





The scenery was great and also the food was good.. Slurp..

More photos to come….